Uman Lodge | How to get here – English

How to get here to Uman Lodge 

Uman Lodge is within the Fundo La Confluence in Futaleufu, Lake District, Patagonia, Chile.

It can be accessed from Argentina across the Andes through the Paso Internacional linking Rio Futaleufu Trevelin to Futaleufú, with a total distance of 98 km from Esquel (Argentina) airport to the lodge. It is possible to Esquel with regular Aerolineas Argentinas. From Chile there are two main options. The first: taking the ferry that connects Puerto Montt and Castro to Chaitén, and then by road 150 km away. It is possible to reach Puerto Montt and Castro with regular flights from LAN. The second: taking the International Paso Cardenal Samore communicating Osorno with Bariloche, and then entering from Esquel. Uman Lodge coordinates are:

Latitude S 43 ° 12 ‘ 43 ” / Longitude W 71 ° 51’ 32″.